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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ciwiki 2.0.3 (alias didiwiki)

I worked hard to update ciwiki (alias didiwiki) with new features. The previous new features vs didiwiki, included:
  • A login procedure to protect pages of any change/delete risk. (ciwiki 1.2)
  • The tag {{private}} to hide pages to no logged in users. (ciwiki 1.2)
  • Collapsible / expandable boxes. (ciwiki 1.3)
  • Automatic table of content {{toc}}. (ciwiki 1.4)

And many small improvements and bug fixes  (...ciwiki 1.6).

January 2015, the version 2.0.0 (ciwiki-2.0.0) marked a major change and rupture with the previous version.

ciwiki >= 2.0.0 are not strictly compatible with the previous versions:
  • Executable file didiwiki was renamed ciwiki
  • Working folder had changed for ./ciwiki
  • script had moved to /usr/local/libexec (ciwiki >= 2.0.2)

It's now easier to create linux package. The executable name ciwiki, the working directory .ciwiki are consistent with the package name.

The last improvement (ciwiki-2.0.3) and I think very interresting, is the possibility for ciwiki to open html pages.

The html pages are stored in the folder .ciwiki/html/ and the wiki pages can have links to these html pages with the tag: html=anyhtmlpage.html.
Normally, ciwiki open the page WikiHome as default page, but it is possible
to open the index.html page as default page. Start ciwiki with the option ciwiki -t and have the index.html file in the folder .ciwiki/html/

Inside the index.html page, we can have links to other pages located in .ciwiki/html/  or links to wiki pages located in .ciwiki/ folder.

On 2015, March 4th - ciwiki-2.0.3 is already coded and is currently tested. As soon as, it will be stable, I will release it on

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