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Saturday, May 22, 2010

CiWiki 1.5.0, toc, entry and new login page

I modified the login page; now the creation of a new account and the login are separated. I added the possibility to change the password and to log off too.
I included in the package a small bash script to automatize the mailing of the access code.

There are new tags:
{{toc}} creates a list of contents.
{{entry}} {{data}} {{save}} {{delete}} create a form with an entry, a button 'add' and the buttons 'save' and 'delete'.

The code is always on sourceforge (and I will be happy to read your comments, positive :-) or negative :-(

Friday, May 7, 2010

CiWiki 1.3.1 alias DidiWiki new feature!

I added 4 new features to CiWiki / DidiWiki:

* Expand tags {{expand}} the text {{-expand}}

* Collapse tags {{collapse}} the text {{-collapse}}

(expand and collapse can be nested)

* Quote mark 'a quotation.

* External links in new tab {{wwwlink=new_tag}} or current tag {{wwwlink=current_tag}}

The code is available here:

The program is still very compact (use 80Ko of ram), fast (C) and includes its own tiny server.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Academic Wiki

Academic Wiki could be the name of a new educational wiki. I am working on the project of a wiki especially designed for the education. So, it will include some special features such as the list of contributions done by one student during a period of time. This feature is important to be able to evaluate and to grade the work of each student. Another important feature is the page rating; the difficulty of the topic, the style of the text, the accuracy of the information, the bibliography are evaluated by the instructors and the results are displayed graphical on the page. Finally, a resource wiki is the companion of the Academic Wiki. It provides templates, pictures, drawings, short texts and snippets. Some other important features are a good permissions manager, the possibility to include quiz, flash animation and video.
One particularity of Academic Wiki is the name of the authors and reviewers are always displayed.

You can discover the ideas that will govern this new wiki here: