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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pavilion dm4-1160 erratic touchpad solved with a script

I wrote a simple bash script to solve the erratic touchpad of my notebook HP dm4-1160us.

A left button click is emulated by a fast tap on the touchpad. The vertical scrolling is a narrow area on the right edge of the touchpad. Now, two fingers can touch the pad without any erratic jumps of the pointer. It's possible to grab and move a window too; just move the mouse pointer on the top area of the window, then double taps quickly and keep the finger on the pad while you grab the window. Unfortunately the right button still doesn't work. (Check my next post - October 19 - the right button is emulated too!)

The script is below.
- Copy and past the code in gedit, save it as for instance.
- Make it executable.
- Start it automatically with gnome ( System->Preference->StartUp Applications->Add and provide the command ).
Of course, you can run this script from the console, just to check it.
If you find some improvement, let me know!

#! /bin/sh
echo edges
$PROG LeftEdge=1750
$PROG RightEdge=5178
$PROG TopEdge=1621
$PROG BottomEdge=5000
echo Finger Press
$PROG FingerLow=24
$PROG FingerHigh=29
$PROG FingerPress=255
echo taps time
$PROG MaxTapTime=180
$PROG MaxTapMove=220
$PROG MaxDoubleTapTime=180
$PROG SingleTapTimeout=180
$PROG ClickTime=100
$PROG FastTaps=1
echo emulate
$PROG EmulateMidButtonTime=75
$PROG EmulateTwoFingerMinZ=280
$PROG EmulateTwoFingerMinW=7
echo scrolling
$PROG VertScrollDelta=100
$PROG HorizScrollDelta=0
$PROG VertEdgeScroll=1
$PROG HorizEdgeScroll=1
$PROG CornerCoasting=0
$PROG VertTwoFingerScroll=0
$PROG HorizTwoFingerScroll=0
echo Pointer speed
$PROG MinSpeed=0.1
$PROG MaxSpeed=1
$PROG AccelFactor=1
$PROG TrackstickSpeed=0
$PROG EdgeMotionMinZ=29
$PROG EdgeMotionMaxZ=159
$PROG EdgeMotionMinSpeed=1
$PROG EdgeMotionMaxSpeed=401
$PROG EdgeMotionUseAlways=0
echo scrolling flags
$PROG UpDownScrolling=1
$PROG LeftRightScrolling=1
$PROG UpDownScrollRepeat=1
$PROG LeftRightScrollRepeat=1
$PROG ScrollButtonRepeat=100
echo Touchpad Mouse one/off
$PROG TouchpadOff=0
$PROG GuestMouseOff=0
echo dragging
$PROG LockedDrags=0
$PROG LockedDragTimeout=5000
echo corners
$PROG RTCornerButton=2
$PROG RBCornerButton=3
$PROG LTCornerButton=0
$PROG LBCornerButton=0
echo tap
$PROG TapButton1=1
$PROG TapButton2=2
$PROG TapButton3=3
echo click
$PROG ClickFinger1=1
$PROG ClickFinger2=3
$PROG ClickFinger3=2
echo Circular
$PROG CircularScrolling=0
$PROG CircScrollDelta=0.1
$PROG CircScrollTrigger=0
$PROG CircularPad=0
echo Palm
$PROG PalmDetect=0
$PROG PalmMinWidth=10
$PROG PalmMinZ=199
$PROG CoastingSpeed=0
echo Grab
$PROG GrabEventDevice=1
$PROG TapAndDragGesture=1
echo Area
$PROG AreaLeftEdge=0
$PROG AreaRightEdge=0
$PROG AreaTopEdge=0
$PROG AreaBottomEdge=0
echo Jumpy
$PROG JumpyCursorThreshold=60


Adi said...

How does one make a text file ( executable? Do you mean just change the file extension to *.exe?
- Ubuntu Noob

Ferion Support Admin said...

at a command prompt
chmod 775

Andrew said...

You don't actually need the .sh extension. In Linux, extensions mean nearly zero.