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Saturday, March 6, 2010

DidiWiki a tiny wiki

Did you try DidiWiki?

It's a very light personal Wiki.
Written in C, it requires very few resource and is easy to use.
The current version 0.8 (unofficial) includes several nice upgrades from Gilbert Ashley and many other contributors, and I added my own contribution with the possibility to highlight a portion of text, or to change its color or its background.
The tags are pretty esoteric but I just searched to do something as short as possible.

To highlight, just add + between the text: +Text to highlight+
To change the text color, add {R}Text{R}
To change the background, add (R)Text(R)
{R} and (R) are for red, B for blue, G for green, Y for yellow, C for cyan, P for pink and D for black.

It's not very sophisticated but that works!

The sources are on my other website (I cannot upload file here):

You will have to decompress the file (tar.gz), to run configure, make and make install as root. You should be able to launch it from the console: didiwiki
Next open your browser and enter in the address bar: localhost:8000
Now, you can create you own personal wiki to store memo, personal user guide...

To start didiwiki with you new session, go to system, preference, startup apps and enter didiwiki in the startup program field.

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