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Monday, March 30, 2009

Web page summarizer for Linux

It's now possible to summarize a web page with TexLexAn (Linux/FreeBSD).

It's pretty simple to use: Open TexLexAn, you will have a small window in the top of your desktop, and from your web browser (Firefox, Opera...) just drag'n drop the link into TexLexAn, click OK and wait a couple of second to couple of minutes (it's depending of the size of page to download) to get a summary (extracts more precisely) of the page.

TexLexAn summarizes text, html, doc, pdf, ppt and odt documents (doc,pdf,ppt and odt and requires the small programs antiword, pdftotext, ppthtml and odt2txt).

- About the TexLexAn project in French, go here:

- You can download the program there:

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